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About Us

Develop your child’s fine motor, social, and literacy skills by enrolling him or her at Kinesthetic Learners. Our child care center in Cordova, Tennessee, teaches children using kinesthetic learning. This style of teaching promotes learning through hands on activities. We focus on creating meaningful experiences for children of all ages.

When your child comes to our facility, they are provided with a diverse educational environment. We specialize in using music and movement to teach our students different subjects. This way, we can increase your child’s overall development.

Play, Learn and Grow... Together

Important Fact

Kinesthetic learning is one of the most important ingredients in healthy brain development. When children use their bodies while learning, it helps to enhance their neural connections. It also builds new pathways within the brain.

Our Mission

It is a strong belief of ours that children learn best when they are able to safely explore their environment, using a hands on approach to learning. At Kinesthetic Learners, you will find that our methods are like no other. Our mission is to create meaningful learning experiences that revolve around developmentally appropriate lesson plans and practices.

You will find that our number one teaching method is play. The children of Kinesthetic Learners will actively interact in an environment that promotes self-esteem, while building and strengthening morals and ethics.